Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Western New York (RPCV/WNY)


Approved by Planning Committee: May 15, 2006
Approved by RPCV/WNY Members: September 17, 2006

Article I. Name.
This organization shall be called Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Western New York.

Article II. Purpose
The purpose of this Association is to:

a) accomplish the third goal of the Peace Corps: “to promote a better understanding of other people on the part of the American people.”

b) provide an opportunity for returned RPCV’s to work together, using their various skills and insights, to contribute to their community and to serve as a community resource.

c) keep contact with our national Peace Corps organization, keeping informed of its ongoing presence in the world,  supporting its growth and development, encouraging new and prospective volunteers, and welcoming newly returned volunteers into the community.

d) support the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), most especially its national efforts to promote international understanding and cooperation.

e) celebrate the Peace Corps experience through various social gatherings.

Article III. Membership
All returned Peace Corps volunteers living in the Western New York area are welcome.  Membership in the National Peace Corps Association is encouraged and required for a person to be an active member.  Any person returning from an overseas Peace Corps assignment is automatically given a free year’s membership in the NPCA and may thus be a full member of the local group at no cost.

Article IV. Organization
Each year, beginning in 2007, at a general meeting open to all members and held in June, a Board of Directors consisting of eight to ten members will be elected from those active members who indicate they wish to serve.  The day-to-day affairs for the coming year shall be determined by this Board of Directors. This Board shall determine within itself what particular officers are needed for the organization and who shall fill these offices out of the elected board members.  These offices may include:

Chairperson                                              Newsletter Editor
Secretary                                                  Programming
Treasurer                                                  Outreach
Membership (keeper of data base)

Titles and offices may be changed by the Board as the need arises.

The function of the Board is to initiate and coordinate the various activities to fulfill the Purposes of the organization, and to assure ongoing communication about such activities among all members.

Article V. Philosophy
Recognizing that this is a purely volunteer, not-for-profit organization, we join together relatively informally with the understanding that the general membership gives the Board powers to make decisions on its behalf, and that the Board needs always to listen to and respond to the general membership.  The Board will do what it can always to welcome new ideas and new people, actively soliciting new faces on the Board each year.  We recognize from past attempts to organize a pattern that sees people getting very active, doing great things, and then finding they don’t have the time or energy to continue.  Our goal is to honor such dynamics, and to create and maintain an organization that will continue to grow and flourish as new faces come in and others choose to become less involved.

Article VI. Functioning
The Board will meet at least quarterly, and more often as a majority of its members agree is needed.  A quorum needed to transact business is seven members of the board.  Board decisions may be made by a majority of the Board members present and voting.  In the event that Board members disagree, every attempt will be made to reach consensus, finding a solution which all are  comfortable with, rather than simply having a majority rule.

As a matter of good faith, Board members will not claim to speak for the organization unless the issue at hand has been decided by the Board.  To the extent possible, Board communications may be carried out in person, by e mail, or by telephone, with the understanding that all Board members need to be a part of the conversation.  If a Board member  is unable to participate or chooses to resign, the Board may appoint a successor.

Article VII. Finances
Income will come from dues paid to the NPCA, from any fund raising activities authorized by the Board, and from whatever donations might be made.

All finances will be managed by the treasurer, working with the Board. No RPCV/WNY member will receive payment for services given to this organization.  However, where appropriate, with Board approval, members may receive reimbursement for expenses incurred in Board approved activities that fulfill the Purposes of this organization.

Expenses will be towards Peace Corps and community related projects, as well as the maintenance and growth of  RPCV/WNY.

Article VIII. Activities
The Board will work closely with the Program and Outreach Directors and their respective committees to initiate and promote activities. Knowing that we draw from a great range of interests and motivations, we depend on members for inspiration and participation, and time will tell what works best for our unique constituency.  We work towards a balance of service and celebration, establishing and maintaining connection among ourselves, with the community around us, with our various countries of service, and with the Peace Corps.  We will invite our families, friends, neighbors, schools, churches, coworkers, and the local media into activities that nurture international awareness, commitment, and friendship.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

October 6th, 2009

Article I. Name

Where as original Bylaw stated:

This organization shall be called Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Western New York.

Bylaws will be amended as stated below:

This organization shall be called Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Buffalo, with an approved tagline “Bringing Peace Corps to WNY”.

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