How To Make an App for your Desktop/Phone

How to Create an App (shortcut) for your Desktop and Android Phone

Instructions:  Placing a shortcut on your desktop

1st      Get a Picture and Save it.

Search for a picture, one that you would like to make into an icon.

[Example: Search for an image of the Buffalo RPCV Logo or copy it from .]

Right Click on the picture to open it > Choose ‘Save image as’ >

Give it a File name with a .jpg or .png extension > Choose a folder to save the file in & Click ‘Save’.

2nd     Create an icon.

Open (it’s free) and follow the Steps below to convert your picture into an icon.

Step 1 (Upload an Image)

Choose File > Locate the image you just saved > Left Click on it,

then Click on the ‘Upload’ button

Left Click, Hold and Drag on picture to highlight area that will be used for your

new icon. Select the largest area you can highlight.

Step 3 (Apply styles)

Left Click the 2nd square box [Blue, with cloud, no writing],

[once clicked, the outline will be highlighted but difficult to see]

Step 4   (Select the icon format)

Choose 48 x 48

Step 5   (Convert and download)

Choose “Convert Ico”

Next: Click on “Download your icon(s)” > Click ‘Open file’ [in lower left of screen] >

Right Click on your new icon picture and Click on ‘Save Picture As’  >

Use or Change the ‘File name’ shown then Click ‘Save’.

[the picture will be saved with an .ico file extension.]

3rd      Place a shortcut on your Desktop.

1st        Go to the website, highlight and copy the URL.

2nd       Right Click on an open space on the desktop screen > Go to New > Click shortcut >

In the “Type the location of the item” box, Right Click and Paste the URL.

3rd             Click Next > In the “Type a name for this shortcut” box, Type a name > Click Finish

4th        There is now an icon on your desktop for this shortcut.

Right Click on it  > Go to Properties > Click “Change Icon” >

5th        Browse to find the icon you made with the program.

Highlight the new icon > Right Click ‘Open’ > Click OK > Click OK again.

6th             Click on your new icon to see if it works.


Instructions:  Placing an app on your Android Phone


1st        Open Google Chrome Browser. [You must use this browser.

            If you don’t have Chrome, search for, download and install it on your screen.]

2nd       Go to the URL  and open the website.

3rd       Click on the 3 vertical dots in upper right corner of screen > Click “Add to Home Screen”

4th       Click on your screen icon to see if it works.

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